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Meeting the new decade of green concept and energy conservation, there are high hope to renew, re-vitalize the skyscrapers and high-rises built more than 20 years and some even more than half century ago. Among the famous ones, Empire State Building Observatory, near to 80 years old, no doubt is renowned as heart-touching meeting spot in so many movies and real life.


main categories in terms of modernization

  1. window -- energy saving
  2. air conditioning -- energy saving
  3. cable and facility pipe management -- data & communications


easy step to Modernization
Netfloor -- best solution for data and communication



Among the above, No. 3 data & communications modernization is indispensable and shall be proceeded at high priority than the others. As a specialist and manufacturer of cable management access floor, Netfloor’s low-profile system shall be the smart and best solution.



How Netfloor can contribute?
Netfloor Camass/CamassCrete -- full accessible cable trench systems

  1. Overall costing-saving by owner --
    Time-saving: estimated 30% time saving than traditional way. Efficient and quick rental availability.
    Labor saving: estimated 20~40% labor cost saving than traditional way.
    Least intervention: renovation proceeding floor-by-floor, room-by-room.
    No noise: no digging at floor and wall.
    Light-weight: Camass system only 1/2 weight to traditional access floor.

  1. Value added to tenants --
    High changeability
    Least initial cost by tenant when move in, and least costs for continue.
  2. Environment friendly --
    no pollution: system installation no glue to sub-floor
    100% re-usable.


Renovation in old high-rise building -- Netfloor Camass system installing over the old floor trunkings

The old floor trunkings insufficient for the power and data network, renovation was inevitable...



The consultant decided to use Camass system instead of traditional access floor because:

  1. Light weight: Camass is only 1/2 weight to traditional access floor.
  2. Least intervention to normal operation:
    a. no digging
    b. no noise
    c. quick and quiet
  3. Environment friendly:
    a. system installed no glue to old sub-floors
    b. system is 100% relocable
    c. system is 100% recyclable
  4. Changeability: least cost for re-location and expansion.





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